St. Ambrose of Woodbury Athletics


Welcome to our St. Ambrose of Woodbury Athletics page.  We are excited to have completed our first year of using Teamsnap as our registration and communication tool for our families.  One of the benefits of Teamsnap is the ability to use online registration exclusively. When completing the online registration, make sure to fill out all the information that is requested. 


St. Ambrose is part of the Catholic Athletic Association (CAA).  Our school offers fall, winter, and spring sports.  We work hard to make sure that all students in grade 5 -8 get to participate in a wide variety of sports.  The following are a listing of sports that are played for each season with a listing of accompanying fees associated with that team.  Please note that late fees are accessed after the initial deadline.  For us to provide the best service to our teams it is essential that you sign up early so that we can assign coaches, fields, courts, and schedules. 


St. Ambrose Athletics only supports 5th to 8th Grades.



Playing Dates

Registered by May 31st

Registered after May 31st


September - October




September – October






Registered by November 1st

Registered after November 2nd


November- February





$35  (by Jan 1st)

$55 (after Jan 1st)




Registered by February 15th

Registered after February 15th  


March – May




March – May




March - May




To register follow the links on the left hand side of the webpage.  You will find links available to register for each specific sport you are interested in.


We are always looking for coaches for our teams.  As soon as we have enough coaches teams can be set and practices can begin.  Our coaches do receive a modest stipend of $300 for their services.  Without them our program would not be successful.




 Bruce Whynott


Athletic Director